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My Recent Reads

Finders Keepers
3 of 5 stars
Finders Keepers I’m a huge fan of Stephen King’s work. In fact, I’ve read over 90% of what he’s written. For that reason alone, I think I’m pretty well inaugurated as a Constant Reader. I think there are several things to consider when ...
The Martian
5 of 5 stars
When I saw that The Martian had won the goodreads sci-fi reader vote I decided to check it out. A novel about an astronaut stranded on Mars. Cool. I love space, I love anything NASA-y. I love sci-fi (I write it myself - check out my stuf...
The Three
2 of 5 stars
I hate to give a book a bad review, I really do. Let's get that cleared up. But this book is dreadful. Really dreadful. I, like I'm sure many others did, bought this after being impressed by the fact that Stephen King had endorsed it. ...
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