From The Sky Trilogy



Five years ago, a series of strange events changed Camberway forever. A shadow has hung over the small northern California town ever since. But things are about to get much, much worse.

Welcome to Camberway. Welcome to their nightmare.

First the noises in the skies. Then the ground shakes underfoot. Giant UFOs have arrived, and things are getting even stranger.

Murder and madmen, strange beams and vanishings.

Join Sheriff Jim Hoolihan and his deputy, Peter Barnes.
Meet Marilyn ‘Mirlo’ Thoms and Deke ‘The Geek’ Sinclair.
Meet 10 year old Tucker Turner and his black Labrador, Samuel.


Meet the residents of Camberway, and find out if any of them can survive…the ARRIVAL.

JOURNEY final cover.png

Join Camberway’s survivors as they take their first tentative steps in this strange new world.

There aren’t many of them left.

Now, they must embark on a journey.

They don’t know why.

They don’t know where to.

Are they on a mission?

Can they stay safe and sane?

Do the giant UFOs know they escaped the beams, the terrible beams?

And, when the second wave blasts through Earth’s atmosphere and the Reds arrive, will there be anywhere left to run?

Who will live, and who will die?



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