From The Sky : The Trilogy

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There’s something going on in the skies over Camberway.

First come the noises, huge booming sounds that shake the ground below.

Giant, mile-long UFOs have arrived, and things are getting stranger all the time.

Welcome to Camberway. Welcome to their nightmare.

Five years before, a madman was incarcerated for murdering his twin daughters, and a young boy drowned in a long-abandoned well. Camberway has never been the same since.

Now, that madman is on the loose, and another child is in danger.

Meet ten-year-old Tucker Turner and his black Labrador, Samuel.

Join Sheriff Jim Hoolihan and his deputy, Peter Barnes.

Can they save the residents of Camberway from the invading ships?

Can they figure out why the aliens are here?

In all of the chaos, through all the madness and destruction, can anyone survive…the ARRIVAL?


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Join Camberway’s survivors as they take their first tentative steps in this strange new world.

There aren’t many of them left.

Now, they must embark on a long journey.

They don’t know why.

They don’t know where to.

Have the aliens chosen them to undertake some kind of mission?

Can they stay safe and sane?

Do the giant UFOs know they escaped the beams, the terrible beams?

Who is the mysterious, robed man?

And, when the second wave blasts through Earth’s atmosphere and the Reds arrive, will there be anywhere left to run?

Who will live, and who will die?


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