From The Sky : The Trilogy


There’s something going on in the skies over Camberway.

First come the noises, huge booming sounds that shake the ground below.

Giant UFOs have arrived, and things are getting stranger all the time.

Welcome to Camberway. Welcome to their nightmare.

Five years before, a madman was incarcerated for murdering his twin daughters, and a young boy drowned in a long-abandoned well. Camberway has never been the same since.

Now, that madman is on the loose, and another child is in danger.

Meet ten-year-old Tucker Turner and his black Labrador, Samuel.

Join Sheriff Jim Hoolihan and his deputy, Peter Barnes.

Can they save the residents of Camberway from the invading ships?

Can they figure out why the aliens are here?

In all of the chaos, through all the madness and destruction, can anyone survive…the ARRIVAL?


Some of them made it out of Camberway alive. They survived the ARRIVAL…

Sheriff Jim Hoolihan, Deputy Peter Barnes, Barrett Holroyd, ten-year-old Tucker Turner, his black Labrador Samuel, Marilyn ‘Mirlo’ Thoms, Deke ‘the Geek’ Sinclair, Earl Buckley and Daniel Warren.

Join them as they flee the invading spacecraft across a deserted, destroyed California, in search of civilization, in search of answers.

Voices whisper to a child…A deadly infection threatens life…One man struggles with a guilty secret…And a madman leads a boy to Reno…

Did the aliens spare them for a reason? Is anywhere safe from the terrifying creatures?
Who is the entity that stalks them, and what does he want?
What is the shocking secret one of their group guards?

Can they stay alive, and sane?
Can all of them survive…the JOURNEY?

Killers and cowards, heroes and villains. Love and terror, triumph and tragedy.

Can you handle the twist?



After the devastating finale of JOURNEY, the survivors meet a man who will lead them to their final destination.

Will they make it to the top-secret government base in time?

Or will their precious cargo, the alien artifact, be destroyed?

Ten-year-old Tucker knows everything about the aliens, but one of their group could sabotage everything before he has the chance to reveal the Falisiika’s secrets.

Is the challenge facing them too large for mankind to survive?

When the From the Sky trilogy reaches its explosive conclusion, will your mind be able to handle the final revelation?