A new review of ARRIVAL at The Page Walker

FTS Small CoverThank you so much to Louize at The Page Walker for her review of ARRIVAL.

Here’s an extract of the review:

“I love watching alien movies –ET, Star Wars, Star Trek, Independence Day, and Superman- just to name a few. But for some reason, I am not keen on reading about them. Just when a flying disk and the twinkling lights are mentioned, I’d roll my eyes silly. So for me, it was a good thing that McGowan had this good array of characters, each one having their own voice -each of them have their own life troubles to deal with- making them realistic and relevant…I love the bond between Tucker and Samuel.  I guess that’s one of the push. There’s a mystery surrounding this two and I pretty much want to get some answers.”

You can check out the full review at The Page Walker

Do you, like Louize, love watching alien movies? If so, I hope you’ll check out the From The Sky trilogy. I think this type of story is underrepresented in modern fiction, and it’s so exciting to write. Oh, and if you’re Steven Spielberg, would you like to make the movie? Ha!

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